What are LEDs

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Simply put, an LED is a semi-conducting device that produces light when an electrical current flows through it. LEDs are commonplace in modern society and can be found in many everyday items such as microwave display panels, digital watches and television remote controls. In recent years LED technology has improved and many Flashlights today use LEDs rather than traditional incandescent bulbs for illumination.

What are the advantages of LEDS

There are many advantages of LEDS over traditional incandescent bulbs:

  • Quality of light emitted – LEDs produce a brighter more homogenous light that is purer. Detail and colours are better defined.
  • LEDs are incredibly energy efficient. LEDs generate very little heat and therefore convert more of their electrical potential into useable light. Thus they require much less battery power to produce the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb.
  • LEDs last longer. The lifespan of LEDs is measured in years rather than hours for incandescent bulbs. Quality LEDs are rated to burn brightly for 100,000 hours of service – that’s almost 11.5 years of continuous light.
  • LEDs are compact. A great deal of light can be emitted by a very small device.
  • LEDs are microstructure solids and are therefore shock resistant where-as traditional bulbs with their breakable filaments can easily be damaged.
  • LED light is faster. While a light bulb is still warming up, LED light has already circled the Earth. Speed can be a potentially decisive advantage for professional users such as police forces or action forces.

Why LED Lenser is superior

Many manufactures save money and compromise quality by using inferior low quality LEDs from the outer part of silicon wafers.

LED Lenser only uses the very best LEDs – those manufactured from the very pure centre of razor-thin silicon wafers in semiconductor clean rooms. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, the LEDs made from the centre of the wafer are much higher quality and thus provide much brighter light. Led Lenser uses only the highest quality Cree™, LumiLEDs™ and Nichia™ LEDs.

Optical Technology

Advanced Focus System
With more than 200 patents, petty patents and design patents applied for, Led Lenser has revolutionised the world of flashlights like no-one before. The Advanced Focus System may well be our most important invention to-date.

The Advanced Focus System reconciles lens and reflector and makes use of the advantages of both systems while eliminating their disadvantages.

Lenses have the advantage of emitting a circular, homogeneous light beam whilst Reflectors (Concave Mirrors) can focus light over great distances.

Lenses have the disadvantage that they cannot focus light over great distances. Though they excel in collecting light, about 70% of the original LED or lamp radiation does not reach the lens.

Reflectors have the disadvantages that they project a black hole in the centre of the light cone when defocused and often don’t produce light homogeneously but in ring forms.

The development of a focusable reflector-lens, i.e. a combination of reflector and lens, is the result of our cooperation with OEC (Optics and Energy Concepts) in Munich, one of the leading light research institutes in the world.

The Advanced Focus System provides stageless transition from a broad beam to a focused spot beam whilst eliminating black spots or dark rings. With the Advanced Focus System you get a bright clear light from flood to spot – and everywhere in-between.

Manufacturing Technology

Our manufacturing capabilities are second to none. We will not compromise on product quality
Quality is the result of a complex process which has to be monitored and controlled masterly so that it brings about products of highest longevity and rating. The finest materials are combined with the latest technologies and the most innovative thinking to produce some of the most desired products in the marketplace. Should you need it, our two year warranty provides additional peace of mind. Looked after well, a LED Lenser Flashlight will never let you down. Some of the manufacturing technologies that ensure peace of mind and value for money are as follows:

Modular Construction

Our unique modular construction ensures that any defective part is easily removed for repair or replacement without the need to purchase a totally new product. Purchasing another product due to a component malfunction is not only expensive and annoying, but also ecologically objectionable, because the appliances which have to be disposed of were manufactured with high expenditure of energy and raw materials.

One Handed Speed Focus

In the Advanced Focus System, the LED and the reflector-lens system are aligned on one axis. In order to achieve accurate positioning of the optical units, axis positions are gauged by laser.

In order to focus or defocus, the reflector-lens has to move relative to the lens. In conventional systems, this is achieved by turning the lamp head. We thought that solution way too slow and not really suitable if you want to operate the lamp with one hand. That’s why we developed Speed Focus, a one hand slide focusing mechanism. The noticeable advantage: You can switch from Flood to Spot beam in a flash.

High End Aircraft Grade Aluminium Casing

Many Flashlights have a plastic casing that feels insubstantial and offers little or no protection from accidental damage. LED Lenser high grade casings are robust enough to withstand extreme damage and are rated 54 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale.

Gold Plated Contacts

Materials differ in their electric conductivity. Many manufacturers use cheap contacts, with the result that in the contacts, a large part of the energy is converted into heat (voltage drop) and doesn’t reach the illuminant. To keep this effect to an absolute minimum, we gold plate our contacts. Hence, the energy of your flashlight doesn’t heat up the atmosphere but powers our high-performance chips to produce the most efficient amount of light.

Gold is also resistant to corrosion. We estimate that about 70% of flashlight failures can be attributed to corrosion damage caused by battery acid or battery gas. Gold doesn’t corrode (rust) and has a high grade of chemical resistance. Therefore, our contacts are hard gold plated. That means considerable expenditure, but it’s worthwhile because we create quality that lasts for decades.

Corrosion Resistant Threads with O-Ring Seals

Often our Flashlights will need to be used in adverse weather conditions. Corrosion resistant threads and O-Ring seals combine with our metal casings to provide a splash proof exterior.